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  2. காந்தி குல்லா 😂😂😂😜 Shared -Respected Govt. Officers Dont Get Bribe From Any Single Citizen

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    Gotta love your city, anything can happen at any time to someone you love.. to those that were shot on the strip.. stay safe y'all 🙏🏼😢

  5. 2 jam yang lalu

    It was never about the flag. It's about these beautiful people. ❤️🏈

  6. 5 jam yang lalu

    You can just never understand some things.

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  8. 6 jam yang lalu

    Happy it's October 1st, sad bc Friday Night Lights got taken off of Netflix today☹️ Clear eyes, full hearts, can't loose🏈💓

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    Missin bro a little extra today .Tony

  12. 10 jam yang lalu

    Imagine the US team with a healthy tiger..?

  13. 12 jam yang lalu

    Elder Robert D. Hales has the best best seat for the last session of conference. He's watching from the celestial kingdom 😢❤️

  14. 12 jam yang lalu

    "Whatever the test, whatever I'm to learn, I will always love thee" - Robert D. Hales

  15. 14 jam yang lalu

    Thoughts & Prayers going out to Dez Woods' Family & Friends as well as the SW Guilford Program

  16. 18 jam yang lalu

    Dave Strader was funny, helpful, committed to his family and so great on air. Condolences to his family...

  17. 24 jam yang lalu

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of really sad news. Worked and interacted with him so many occasions. Will miss u

  18. 1 Okt

    This win was for you cam 🙏🏾❤️ Love you man. 🙏🏾🎗

  19. 1 Okt

    Student, player, coach, and most of all, friend. You will always be one of the best I've ever met. #11

  20. 30 Sep

    Thanks to everyone of you for all the messages i'm signing off until after the fight! This one's for you brother X

  21. 30 Sep

    It's very rare that great things happen because of just one person, but Joe Tiller turned Purdue football from ash to roses.

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