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  1. 10月は「年次有給休暇取得促進期間」です - 時事通信 ,

  2. 4 jam yang lalu
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    I think all of the citizens in should leave because of 's lack of respect for them. It would show the whole world how cruel he is!

  3. 6 jam yang lalu

    When U realise that OTT better half caption & barely there smiles in golf pic are to cover up Jens "so done" face frm J/D/Carlson outing

  4. 7 jam yang lalu

    One in which Dems politicize a natural disaster and where the MSM is complicit in spreading lies. Next question? 🇵🇷

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    If you and Trump was without power, food, water, medicine and no phone maybe the tweeting would stop. .

  6. 9 jam yang lalu

    . that trophy you dedicated to ...I'm sure they'd rather have that than clean water, food, housing, medicine.

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    I live in , We’re really devastated but is not real She is playing politics, She is against USA & all it stands for 🇺🇸🇵🇷

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    EXACTLY this. In this moment, onus on you both to be best poss journalists. If not, start a career. TY.

  9. 12 jam yang lalu

    Thankful for contributions to efforts and got a note from - so I just donated funds! Praying for

  10. continues 24hr ops to open ports/roads, restore power, & additional life-saving efforts in

  11. Our has been very helpful in getting relief quickly to & this Mayor . has been inept in getting help to her ppl

  12. 18 jam yang lalu

    Mnuchin is on saying that they 'understand' difficult situation. NONE of those guys know the meaning of 'difficult' STOP TALKING!

  13. Was literally EMBEDDED w/Navy&Marines in as they worked on/around island.Aired on national .That's Ch.9 on your D.C. tv

  14. 21 jam yang lalu

    Im calling out to lend her jet so the people of get supplies! Put ur jet where ur liberal mouth is!! Youre a fake!

  15. 1 Okt

    During Harvey we had no shirts saying "help us we are dying" bc we were too busy saving ppl who were dying! No strikes!

  16. 1 Okt

    You make my heart smile. My brother from another.

  17. 30 Sep

    And if you can't donate, please at least share for our fellow Americans! 🇵🇷 A share is worth almost $37 dollars!

  18. 30 Sep

    Instead of accusing of wanting everything done for them, focus on how we WANT to do EVERYTHING for them.

  19. 30 Sep

    While the official response to the humanitarian disaster in is woefully insufficient, YOU can make a difference. I challenge each of you to give $5 to today. Let’s lead the way ‼️

  20. 30 Sep

    Some days you can't just tweet 🦄🌈❤️ .You have to put a spotlight on the INSANITY that is this presidency. Trump has ZERO human decency.

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