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  1. 8 jam yang lalu

    Who is inspecting thrill rides for safety? An I-Team investigation 10pm Monday.

  2. 11 jam yang lalu

    Arrest for obstruction of justice for sending people to intimidate Steele & giving Trump info about the

  3. 13 jam yang lalu

    Rachel Maddow gets fired up about good journalism. a detailed report on the Mueller .

  4. 17 jam yang lalu
  5. 18 jam yang lalu

    Maths and science resources collected ready for the week ahead. What could we be doing with them all?

  6. 22 jam yang lalu
    Membalas kepada dan

    stealing babies and kids running the courts. Abducting them for adoption,siblings jammed in a system that's broken.

  7. 30 Sep

    How fast can their balloon cars go? The STEM Day continues -

  8. 29 Sep

    We did it! Stick man is safe. We found him outside, stuck in ice! Don't worry, Class 1 worked out how to set him free.

  9. 29 Sep

    Student-led exploration of the effect of placing two metallic ions in a flame simultaneously – di Dobyns-Bennett High School

  10. 29 Sep

    Tonight at 9PM ( time) an important of the will be broadcast on television.

  11. 28 Sep
  12. 27 Sep

    Tom Jurich has been relieved of his duties as Athletic Director at .

  13. 27 Sep
  14. 26 Sep

    In science class we made it rain.

  15. 26 Sep

    Uh oh! Looks like the just clicked the share button.

  16. 26 Sep
  17. 26 Sep

    Comparing results from Experimental Plant A (No Water) to our results from the Control Plant

  18. 26 Sep

    Adding heat to MATTER to check reversible or irreversible changes

  19. 26 Sep

    3rd year For Investigation students start a new module today looking at how and come together

  20. 23 Sep
    Membalas kepada

    The () is costing $175K PER DAY! We must end to this charade!

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