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    So my was to a square a day for a year well on my way. Good bye September, 3 more months left.

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    Keerthy Suresh Birthday Oct 2 - Favourite Intro & best on-screen pair 👌

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    : At a fork in the road, ask yourself; am I loving more or am I loving less? Choose &

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    Here's another . How would you translate this image in 140 characters or less?

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    'Don't let today's steal tomorrow's Keep your eye on the Always stay in the game!'

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    is on and Evistorians are go! We join the featuring characters from

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    *NEW VIDEO* THE ULTIMATE AFL LUNCH CHALLENGE: . Inspired by 's channel!

  13. 30 Sep
  14. 30 Sep

    His moves pose a to those who oppose him!

  15. 30 Sep

    We dont need Google, our living source of inspiration who will lead Is for others 😍😍😍

  16. 30 Sep

    Irrespective of talk ’s Tamil and Telugu version will collect more than / Open

  17. 29 Sep

    I dreamed of being astronomer and have my own space company one day,so I challenge to share his office with me💓

  18. 29 Sep

    To be outstanding, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  19. 28 Sep
    Membalas kepada dan

    True just renamed it. As 😂. Coz u know in kpop they have this mentality of who did is first. Even exist even before 😂

  20. 25 Sep

    The dream is possible for a good Goodbye TT for AdLM if you help go rt max and pin this tweet niggas 😍🤞🏻🙏🏻

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