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    'boring ugly ': ooolala NOW ANGRY theres a MOB at may even STUFF cokehead w

  3. 30 Sep
  4. 29 Sep

    Paris place the 30,000 were mass executions in 1988

  5. 28 Sep

    That colour thing really bugged me so I had to prove something to myself I guess haha that's it for the art spam today I promise!!

  6. 27 Sep

    Coldbath Fields , London, AKA "the " or "Steel", c. 1809 by and Pugin.

  7. 27 Sep
  8. 27 Sep
  9. 26 Sep

    how do you have the same energy as the energizer 🐇 EVERY gig? C9H13NO3? Red Bull?

  10. 26 Sep

    i sang this song so loud the old lady in front of me told me to be quiet because she couldn't hear dan singing

  11. 24 Sep

    Listen to your intuition. It will steer you in the right direction. 📷

  12. 24 Sep

    Mais bon de toute façon y'avait personne.

  13. 24 Sep
  14. 23 Sep

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